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  • st martin luxury vacation homes
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SXM Blog

Is It Safe In St Martin?

8/30/2019 - By Xyzpdq0121 Atlanta

I won't sugar coat it for you... it is a "safe" place.




I have been all around the Caribbean and on SXM i feel safe than any other large island (There are a few smaller islands that I feel more safe on). But when you compare it to St LuciaSt ThomasJamaica, etc. I "FEEL" 100% more safe on SXM than any of them.




Is there crime? Yes. Are there drugs? Sure. Can you be a victim? Absolutely! But I have been going to the island for more than half my life and I have never had a problem personally. I know many people who live on the island and all but one have never had a problem. (I'll touch on the one later)




The key is to not put yourself in a dangerous situation but it is not like they are everywhere. Let me give you an example. Our last trip in July were were sitting at a friends condo at the bar. We hear a group of 20-30 year olds talking about how 2 of them went to the gas station to get some weed. They guy had them go in his car and drove them across the island. Down a dirt road to a secluded place to pick up what they wanted. I laughed and told the bartender, "That is how people get robbed or killed." She smiled and agreed, "Ya I don't even go to that area where that road is and I lived here my whole life!" Stupid thing to get yourself in trouble.




Now, I have known one person that lives in Maho who was walking down the dark road after a late night and go held up a gun point (guns are fairly rare but they are used). Should he have been walking down the road? Most likely not but he has lived there for years and felt safe. He also didn't have a big sign that said "Not a tourist" on his back.




When I get a car in SXM for friends that come and visit, I always get a French license plate. Are you a target with a Dutch rental plate? I don't have any stats to back that up but I would believe, logically, that you are. Plus I find that people are just nicer in traffic to me and my guests because they do not see us as a tourist right off the back.




So where would I avoid? Well there are not too many places because where I like to eat is not on the strip in Simpson Bay but the local spots. I take a lot of backroads and hit a lot of the areas that you most likely would not be in.




With that said, if you do not know you way around, I would avoid stopping in both the French and Dutch Quarter, especially after dark.




I would also be careful in Marigot after dark. Park on the main strip in view of the water and close to where you are going.




I feel safe most of the time in Philipsburg but I understand why others don't. There are a lot of alleys and narrow sections. But there is not much of a reason to be there after 6pm so shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you are going to eat somewhere there, park next to it.




I would Avoid Sandy Ground after dark, but again, not much you would go there for.




As far as Grand Case, in August it can be a bit slow. I have never had a problem there and I know several people that live there and own businesses there. They do not know of too much of a problem either. But you will have to part a bit away from where you eat so keep that in mind.




The other areas I would avoid should not be a problem for you.. Again they are off the path and there is no reason that you would even know where they are, much less have a reason to pass through them!




Only advice I would give is just know your surroundings and if something does not feel right, it is better to be safe than sorry. Don't take that shortcut down the dark alley off the main strip.




I hope that helps, if you have any questions, feel free to contact St Martin Reservation Center.
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