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  • st martin luxury vacation homes
  • st martin luxury vacation homes
  • st martin luxury vacation homes
  • st martin luxury vacation homes
  • st martin luxury vacation homes
  • st martin luxury vacation homes
  • st martin luxury vacation homes
  • st martin luxury vacation homes
  • st martin luxury vacation homes
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SXM Blog

Summer in St. Martin

8/19/2017 - By John at Tijon

Despite the narrow roads, we see an increase of bicycles all around the Island, surely a Dutch tradition combined with people's desire to be fit or a little due to the increase of traffic. Then again, it almost doesn't really matter where one goes, nothing is further then 30 minutes on St. Martin outside the peak hours 
Singer Seal was seen vacationing here a few weeks ago staying at a villa near LaSamana
The Trump Estate on Plum Bay, purchased for $19m was listed for sale a few months ago for $28m . The price has now been slashed to $16.9m. Interested? 

                                Island Time
“Island Time” is a real thing, but it should not be solely for islands. You can see a physical change in visitors as they take the watch off, leave the phone in the hotel room, and forget about where they “have to be” or are “supposed to be.” Scheduling every minute of a day makes you ask where the years went. When the sun rises, a new day begins. When it sets, a new night begins. The sun doesn’t live by the clock and you don’t need to either. 

                                 Worth Repeating
“Modern-day Tijon is a perfumery unlike most others because it offers a unique bespoke service – a Build a Bear Workshop of scent. . . It is just extraordinary that with the proper guidance of Tijon professionals individuals from all walks of life can create something as personal and as special as an individual signature scent in a few hours – remarkable.

                                          Our Sense of Smell
At 12 weeks a fetus sense of smell is fully developed; can smell what Mom is eating, which begins the preferences for taste
A newborn will allow Mom to stop holding it as long as Mom’s scent is present
No other sense can transport us like smell: some of our most powerful memories are linked to smell. When you smell an odor you link an emotion to it. When you wash clothes, you don’t hold it up to the light to see if clean, you smell them.

Recommended: Anyone with a desire to charter a 46’ Catamaran docked in St. Martin, with a wonderful couple acting as Captain and 1st mate, go to for more info.
We are actively fulfilling internet orders from St. Martin.

                                                            Tropical Drink:
                                                 Mango Spice
2 oz white rum
2 oz mango pureed juice
Small piece of jalepeno
½ oz simple syrup
 Place simple syrup, jalepeno and mango in cocktail shaker and muddle. Add rum, ice, shake, pour, garnish and enjoy!

                                          Fragrance Fact
33% of Men's Colognes are worn by Women
Aramis, one of the best-selling men’s fragrances, was, in its original incarnation, a fragrance for women. More than half of all men’s colognes are bought by women, which is why the best-selling men’s fragrances are those best liked by women (something the industry’s ‘noses’ are very conscious of). An estimated one-third of men’s fragrances sold are bought by women to wear
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