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  • st martin luxury vacation homes
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St Maarten Nightlife

Not only during the winter months does St. Maarten/St. Martin live up to its reputation as party island and as the night comes alive it's time to experience true Caribbean limin' (hangin' out) on this little metropolitan island. The giant fun machine of Sint Maarten will absorb you with its nocturnal delights, offering something for every taste in entertainment. St. Martin comes to life after dark. If you're a night owl, you've chosen the right destination!

Live entertainment from around the world changes from month to month so ask your concierge or activity desk for details and tickets. There are innumerable discos, nightclubs and bars on both sides of the island that will have you partying all night long. Rhythms of Techno, live Rock and Roll, classic Jamaican Reggae, Meringue and Souk are just some of the sound sensations of St. Maarten/St. Martin. Casual attire is usually permitted, though some nightclubs require shirts with sleeves and no bare feet.

St Martin Island has several movie theaters, including one 6-plex, showing the latest releases. There is also a great bowling alley for those who fancy sports after dark! The fact that St. Maarten/St. Martin provides such a wide choice in entertainment means a night of fun need not cost the earth!


The Dutch Side

Sint Maarten is renowned for its high-class Las Vegas and Monaco style casinos, and the exotic Caribbean atmosphere adds to the excitement. Whatever your gambling pleasure, this island offers plenty of hot casino action to suit everybody. Black Jack, roulette, poker, craps and slot machines, Sint Maarten has it all and more ....your playground awaits!

Hollywood Casino in the Pelican Key/Simpson Bay area has all table games plus all popular slots and a sports book desk in an intimate setting. You might try Casino Royale or the Princess Casino for a larger setting with more gaming tables. Select the casino for more information.
Atlantis World Casino
Princess Casino
Casino Royale
Hollywood Casino
Casino Rouge et Noir
Jump Up Casino
Paradise Plaza Casino
Beach Plaza Casino

If you want to explore many hotspots in a night without having to travel too far, take a trip to Simpson Bay where an echelon of bars and café's will keep you entertained until the early hours. Start the evening with some cocktails at Jimbos, right in the center of all the action. Music fans be alert, you might come across the music of a steel band or bump into the popular local band Iguana Soup, and after the Margarita Madness or the Gin Tonics night, you'll be ready to put your salsa skills to practice with the accompaniment of live Latin bands in Simpson Bay. The island nightlife is always best at weekends but keep an eye open for special events during the week.

If you're ready for the tropical fever and you can't wait to sweat it out on the dance floor then get those feet to Maho, one of the prettiest places at night with its casino, popular night clubs and restaurants with live entertainment. For a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere, visit SOPRANOS PIANO BAR where you can sit around the 'grand piano' whilst being serenaded by highly talented singers from around Europe.

But if you just fancy a quiet night out and would rather escape the crowd, Sint Maarten has three cinemas - even one 7 theater-megaplex - to entertain you with the latest movie releases, or perhaps a late night game of bowling at the islands' new hi-tech bowling alley might appeal. The Casino Royal Theater features many plays and cabaret shows and is a center for large island events such as the numerous 'Miss' beauty pageant events that attract thousands of people from all over the world. If you want to keep up to date, check the local newspapers for current event information and the island's hottest spots.


The French Side

For a distinctly European flavor in nightlife, explore Marigot with its attractive sidewalk cafes and bars and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Unlike the Dutch side with its many casinos, The French side does not offer gambling! However, it certainly oozes a charm which is trés continental. An early evening walk through Marigot with its subtle lighting and ambient music emanating from its restaurants and bars is a truly European experience and provides a perfect setting for a romantic evening.

A visitor favorite is certain nights on the Marigot port and Marina Royale which feature many local bands and 'avant garde' street entertainers. The Marina area is also a hotspot for several chic nightclubs so a night out in Marigot is a great reason to dress to impress! Traditionally, the French culture enjoys a long and leisurely evening meal, which means that many of the livelier bars and nightspots get going later in the evening. When they do, you can immerse yourself in a choice of sultry Latino music, rhythmic Reggae or the latest in European dance and Techno. There are many popular clubs scattered around the town, often hidden down little side streets so get some directions from a local!

Whether your preference is a romantic stroll along the waterfront or losing yourself in the hot Caribbean rhythms, Marigot will certainly seduce you with its French flavor in night entertainment. If you've never been to the Caribbean or France then here is a chance to enjoy both cultures in one evening.

The village of Grand Case on the northern shore of the island has been called the culinary capital of the Caribbean - with good reason. Nowhere can you find more than 35 gourmet restaurants, in beautiful beachside settings, where famous international chefs are competing to deliver the perfect dining experience. Tuesdays are Harmony Nights, where the central road is closed to traffic and musicians and artists are taking center stage.


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